FAT 55 Mountain Bike Marathon is the quintessential Oakridge mountain bike race: Oakridge has many awesome trails,  this classic race hits some of the best! Come to win some loot, or just for a fun fully supported ride on  Oakridge’s best trails.

Tasty trails, tasty food, and tasty live music by local musicians Kelly Thibodeaux and Etouffee, and tasty brews by Oakridge Concerts in the Park fill your belly and satisfy the soul. Camping, riding, good food, swamp rock, beer, the fall colors of the western Cascades, this is Oakridge at its finest.

We support: Oregon and Oakridge businesses and artisans, trail building and maintenance, volunteerism and volunteers, live music, kids riding bikes, organic agriculture, independent media, anti-war movements, open space initiatives, equal rights for all people, commuting by bike, and unique well designed products

Sign up, have fun, support something with grass roots, that’s local and positive!

Here’s the 2015 course map:

FAT 55

Fat 55 Middle Fork Map 10SEP2015-Short Course   Mountain Bike Marathon operates under a special use permit with Willamette National Forest.
FAT 55 Mountain Bike Marathon is an equal opportunity recreation service provider.

Waste Not~Ride A Lot

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