Aid Stations and Nutrition

There are 4 Aid Stations in this year’s race. Aid 1 in the Throwback,  Aid 1 and 2 in the A–Kicker, and all four stations, 1,2,3 and 4 in the Fatty 50.  Each is equipped with the essentials: water, food, and basic first aid.

FOOD AND WATER: We offer water at every aid station. There will not be pre-filled bottles. Prepare to stop and fill your own bottles at the station. We will provide gels and chews, if you want more please bring your own cooler.

BRING YOUR OWN!   About halfway through the Fatty race course you will return through Greenwaters Park. We suggest leaving some of your own favorite treats for yourself at this Aid Station, so you can have what you crave halfway through this tough ride.