FAT 55 WELCOMES YOUR HELP! An event like this is made great because of the combined efforts of many different people and organizations. We welcome contributions from racing and riding enthusiasts in a variety of ways. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Level A. Kick down some awesome primes or cash prizes and we will feature your name on our promotional products and website, and enthusiastically support you in return, getting others stoked on your service or product.

  • Level B. Donate your products or services, set up a booth at our event, or contribute in a meaningful way and we will list you on our site, and mention you to our riders.

  • Level C. Volunteer! To run the race we have a small army of volunteers on the course keeping people going and on track! Choose to volunteer and we will give you a heaping of heartfelt gratitude,¬† you’ll receive food and refreshments on the race day, rub shoulders with some fantastic racers and other volunteers as our way of saying thank-you for your efforts. You will be sure to meet some great people. Like to do trailwork? ¬†Sign up for a FAT55 Work Party and help to maintain the trails we use in the FAT 55 and receive a 50% discount on your entry.

Support our sponsors and partners: