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The Fatty is an endurance Mountain Bike Marathon and at this time is not part of any other series. The A Kicker and Throwback will be consistent with the other races in the Oregon Off Road Series. These are traditional XC MTB categories. However, if you want to race the Fatty and still score points in the series you may do so. The race course is designed so that we can split your time for the A Kicker and you may go on to complete the Fatty. When you register you must register for the Fatty. You must also let us know at sign in that you want your time to be recorded for the A Kicker which is the first half of the Fatty. This is a great opportunity for racers who want to be part of the series and still ride the big and gnarly Fatty 50.


Categories for Throwback 11.

All Cat 3

Categories for Fatty 50 and A Kicker 21. 

Elite Men (requires upgrade or prior approval from OBRA or a current USAC Pro License)

Expert (Cat 1) Men 19-44

Expert (Cat 1) Men 45+

Elite Women (requires upgrade or prior approval from OBRA or a current USAC Pro License)

Expert Women (Cat 1)

Singlespeed  Men

Expert Junior Men**

Sport ( Cat 2) Men 19-39

Sport (Cat 2) Men 40-49

Sport (Cat 2) Men 50-59

Sport (Cat 2 ) Men 60+

Clydesdale 200+ Men

Fat Bike (Non Gender) 

Expert Junior Women**

Sport (Cat 2) Women 19-39

Sport (Cat 2) Women 40-49

Sport (Cat 2) Women 50+ **


  1. Mudslinger                             April 9*

  2. Bear Springs Trap                May 1

  3. Cascade Chainbreaker      May 7th*

  4. Coast Hills Classic                May 14*

  5. Spring Thaw XC                   May 21st

  6. Sisters Stampede                May 29th*

  7. Fat 55 Oakridge Oregon   June 11th

  8. Race For the Future         June 18th*      Finals of the OBRA Junior MTB Series!*

  9. Picketts Charge                  June 26th

  10. Alsea Falls  Switchback    July 2nd

OBRA Junior MTB Series Events *​